Flora Sowell

Title: Owner

Company: Flo’s Home Health Care

Location: Charlotte, NC

 Charlotte, NC, July 11, 2017, Flora Sowell, Owner of Flo’s Home Health Care, has been recognized by Elite American Health Professionals, for dedication, achievement and leadership in home health care services.

From an early age, Ms. Sowell knew she would be going into a profession that would help others. As a child, she was able to recognize her abilities and the gratification she would have upon helping others. Additionally, Ms. Sowell was aware of her respect and interest in elderly people. She felt a calling to help them. Ms. Sowell knew that by going into geriatric care she could make someone’s day better simply by just being there.

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Debra Bartz, MS, AADP, CHP, HMBA, TCM, Hormone Trained Specialist

Debra BartzTitle: 1) Owner 2) Captain, Airbus 320

Company: 1) Learn Conquer Soar Coaching 2) United Airlines

Location: Clayton, CA

Clayton,CA, February 13, 2015, Hormone Trained Specialist Debra Bartz, MS, AADP, CHP, HMBA, TCM has been recognized by Elite American Physicians for dedication, achievements and leadership in holistic and integrative nutrition. Continue reading

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Yuan Yue Le

yuan-leTitle: Eligibility Specialist

Company: St. Hope Foundation Inc.

Location: Houston, Texas United States

 HOUSTON, TEXAS, January 31, 2017, Yuan Yue Le, Eligibility Specialist of St. Hope Foundation Inc., has been recognized by Elite American Health Professionals, for dedication, achievement and leadership in paralegal work.

Mr. Le has eight years of professional experience, having recently become an eligibility specialist for St. Hope Foundation Inc. As a paralegal assisting others in general law, he is responsible for preparing documents, conducting legal research and answering telephone calls.

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Jeffrey M. Nuskind, MS, DABR

nuskindTitle: Senior Medical Physicist

Company: Keesler Air Force Base

Location: Biloxi, MS



Biloxi, MS, November 1, 2016, Jeffrey M. Nuskind, MS, DABR, Senior Medical Physicist with Keesler Air Force Base, has been recognized by Elite American Health Professionals, for dedication, achievement and leadership in medical physics.

Mr. Nuskind specializes in stereotactic radiosurgery, and he regularly handles the planning and quality assurance of patients undergoing radiation therapy. Additionally, he is responsible for calibrating medical equipment, working with physicians and analyzing the response from radiation. The field of medical physics deals with all aspects of employing radiation to patients. There are three different subdisciplines within that branch of medicine: therapeutic, nuclear and diagnostic. Mr. Nuskind specializes in the therapeutic aspects of medical physics.

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Warren Cebulko

Warren Cebulko

Title: Supervisor of Coding Education and Compliance

Company: Advocate Health Care

Location: Lansing, IL


Lansing, IL, October 25, 2016, Warren A. Cebulko, Supervisor of Coding Education and Compliance with Advocate Health Care, has been recognized by Elite American Executives, for dedication, achievement and leadership in health care coding.

With an accounting and finance background, Warren Cebulko found it was easy to transition into coding and compliance in the health care industry. He currently serves as the supervisor for the Coding Education and Compliance Department at Advocate Health Care. In his role for the past two years, Mr. Cebulko is tasked with overseeing four coders, verifying billing and payment processes, and auditing end-of-the-year and one-on-one reviews. Mr. Cebulko has excelled in his position and has garnered a stellar reputation as a leader in the field. He believes he has succeeded in the field due to his education and drive. Mr. Cebulko earned an MBA and Bachelor of Science in accounting at DePaul University, and is affiliated with the American Health Information Management Association.

Warren A. Cebulko was originally selected for inclusion in Elite American Executives in April 7, 2014. We are proud to be featuring Mr. Cebulko again in Elite American Executives for 2016.
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Jan Guy

Jan Guy 1118129Title: Physician Assistant

Company: U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA, September 23, 2016, Jan Guy, Physician Assistant at HealthWorks Medical Group, has been recognized by Elite American Health Professionals, for dedication, achievement and leadership in occupational therapy.

Encouraged and inspired by her family physician, Dr. Theodore R. Brooks, Dr. Guy made the decision to pursue a career in the health care field. She has dedicated more than 20 years of service and has spent the past six serving in her current role with U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group. Well respected for her dedication to patient care, Dr. Guy is responsible for administering care to patients with work-related injuries. Continue reading

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William D. Reynolds, RN

reynolds-william-1412169Title: Unit Director, Director of Dialysis and Hemodialysis

Company: St. Francis Hospital

Location: Columbus, GA

Columbus, GA, September 21, 2016, William Reynolds, Unit Director, Director of Dialysis and Hemodialysis of St. Francis Hospital, has been recognized by Elite American Health Professionals, for dedication, achievement and leadership in nephrology.

Mr. Reynolds became a registered nurse in 1996 and has provided health care services in the field since then. Prior to becoming a nurse and while working as one, Mr. Reynolds served in the military for nearly three decades. He currently is a member of the National Guard and has been for the past 20 years. While serving in active duty with the U.S. Army, Mr. Reynolds was a human resources technician. In 2005, he was deployed to Kuwait during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Upon leaving the Army, he achieved the rank as a sergeant. Presently, he is a chief warrant officer III and trains potential warrant officer candidates at a military academy in Alabama.

The decision to go into nursing was cemented during his time in the military. While serving, Mr. Reynolds took master fitness and combat lifesavers courses. Igniting a passion to help others, he began looking in to health care as a means to continue changing people’s lives. From there, he pursued an education in nursing with an emphasis on administration and nephrology. He earned an Associate of Science in nursing from Southern Union State Community College in 1995. He is certified in basic life support, advanced cardiovascular life support and medical-surgical nursing. Additionally, Mr. Reynolds is certified in water treatment in nephrology. Continue reading

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Laurel Ann Browne, CAC III, CHT, CPE

 Certified Holistic Counselor

Company: Visionary for Creative Change

Location: Georgetown, TX

Durango, CO, September 20, 2016, Laurel Ann Browne, CAC III, CHT, CPE, Certified Holistic Counselor of Visionary for Creative Change, has been recognized by Elite American Health Professionals, for dedication, achievement and leadership in counseling services.

“I’m a truth seeker, I’ve been a truth seeker all my life,” says Ms. Browne, a professional who concentrates her efforts on delivering expert counseling services in an array of areas, which include marriage and family, children’s services, trauma, spirituality, healing, medical astrology, hypnosis, self-help, and youth and family issues. She also offers astrology and numerology reports and e-courses.

Ms. Browne feels that her strong background as a researcher have allowed her to thrive as a counselor. Prior to her delving into the world of counseling, Ms. Browne studied archaeology and ancient religions. “[My research] abilities and skills gave me depth. In actuality, for a long time I didn’t know I was trying to reach who I was, I kept reading and studying everything there is in those earlier years,” she revealed in a recent EliteAMERICAN interview. Ms. Browne is a writer, teacher, speaker, medical astrologer, past-life astrologer, master numerologist, advanced astrology soul path counselor, holistic healer, and business adviser. She is a webmaster of four websites and an affiliate marketer. Continue reading

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Craig Sanford, DDS

Craig  SanfordTitle: Owner

Company: Craig R. Sanford, D.D.S

Location: Nantucket, MA

Nantucket, MA, September 14, 2016, Craig Sanford, Craig Sanford, has been recognized by Elite American Health Professionals, for dedication, achievement and leadership in general and laser dentistry.

Dr. Sanford has been in practice for nearly 40 years and established his own general and laser dentistry practice more than a decade ago. Dr. Sanford is a well-respected dentist who prides himself on providing patients with the highest quality care. He practices total general dentistry, including endodontics, periodontics, oral surgery, restorative, crown and bridge, implant restoration and denture fabrication.

Dr. Sanford specializes in full mouth reconstruction and crown and bridge work, and works diligently to treat gum and teeth problems with dental lasers. He also performs nitrous oxide analgesia and Invisalign tooth movement. Dr. Sanford takes great pride in his work and is always looking to provide his patients with the highest-quality dental services, while ensuring their comfort. In addition to using dental lasers to treat fillings, periodontics and endodontics, he offers NIGHTLASE™, SMOOTHLASE™, LIPLASE™ and PIPS™ laser treatments. Continue reading

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Kerry White Brown

Title: Orthodontist

Company: Orthodontic Specialists of Carolina, PC

Location: Columbia, SC

Columbia, SC, August 4, 2016, Kerry White Brown, Orthodontist at Orthodontic Specialists of Carolina, PC, has been recognized by Elite American Health Physicians, for dedication, achievement and leadership in orthodontic services.

Dr. White Brown has one goal in life since she was three years old, to make people smile. With her own private practice for nearly two decades, she has lived this dream and continues to live it with each patient she sees. She opened up her own practice shortly after becoming certified. She attributes her success to putting in hard work and working smarter, not harder. Dr. White Brown was inspired to become a dentist, and later orthodontist after having positive experiences at her own dentist. Her older brother, who also pursued a career in the field of dentistry, inspired her. Continue reading

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