Dr. Ashraf F. Youssef

YoussefTitle: President, Founder

Company: AYPharma Safety Consulting, LLC

Location: Lincolnshire, IL

Dr. Youssef specializes in the support of pharmcovigilance, clinical safety, the integration of clinical and non-clinical aspects of safety, and topics relevant to business and safety. In his current role, he is in charge of managing scientific activities and information for patient safety in clinical trials and post-marketing evaluation, signal detection, and benefit and risk assessment, as well as the support of safety aspects of all relevant documents to IND-NDA.

Dr. Youssef became involved in his profession after as a physician pursued clinical research on ocular toxicity followed by post-doctoral research using experimental animal models to assess neurobehavioral and reproductive toxicity of ocular toxins. He joined the pharmaceutical industry as a regulatory toxicologist in a CRO then spent more than 16 years in start-up, midsize and large pharmaceuticals. His pharmaceutical industry experience has for the last 18 years focused on all aspects of drug safety and spans working at clinical research organizations, and in a start-up, mid size and large size pharmaceutical companies.

Youssef cert

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