Arjun Mallik, MS, (Res)

Arjun Mallik, MS, (Res)Title: Director of Reproductive Research Laboratory (Retired)

Company: New York Methodist Hospital

Location: Lutherville, MD, United States

Arjun Mallik, MS (Res) is the former Director of the Reproductive Research Laboratory at New York Methodist Hospital. Mr. Mallik came to the United States on a temporary visit in 1968 when he began working with an obstetrician and gynecologist on how vitamin C affects pregnant and non-pregnant women. The two held similar views and worked together to publish 25 papers. Mr. Mallik published a total of 45 research papers and is the holder of five U.S. patents. He was also a part of major chemistry associations for many years. He contributed to significant findings, including the discovery of a negative electric charge on the surface of a five-day-old fertilized rat blastocyst after the loss of the zona pellucida, and the inverse dependence of such a charge on the concentration of potassium levels of the uterine fluid. The concentrations of potassium levels in the uterine fluids could be decreased by the administration of minuscule quantities of progesterone and increased by the administration of estrogen, thereby increasing or decreasing the membrane potential respectively, and causing the delayed implantation or implantation of the blastocyst on the surface of the uterine epithelium leading to the onset of pregnancy when estrogen was administered. Analysis of the human uterine fluid at different menstrual phases of non-pregnant females confirmed this trend. These findings have been the subject matter of several scientific publications in United States and international journals. Another field of Mr. Mallik’s investigation was the impact of vitamin C supplements on the deleterious effect of smoking on non-pregnant adult women. Vitamin C helped to mitigate the adverse effects of smoking in those smoking women by improving the buffy coat content of their blood, thereby improving their resistance to the common cold. He volunteers for presentations and educational experiments at local schools. He has been retired for about 20 years now but is still very involved with science by judging science fairs at local schools and once a year with The New York Academy of Sciences. He won the Lady Banerjee Gold Medal in 1956, and an Invention Award from Fisher Scientific Co. in 1985.

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Arjun Mallik, MS, (Res)

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