Brenda Herzog

Brenda HerzogTitle: Counsellor, Life Coach, Addiction Rehab Specialist, Owner

Company: Alberta Counselling and Drug Addiction Services

Location: Fort Saskatchewan, AB, Canada

Specialties: Post Rehab Counselling, NLP, Anxiety, Depression, Stress

Counselling Available via: Phone and Skype

Major Practice Proficiencies: Individual Counselling

Demographics: Men, Women, Teens and Young Adults

Other Specializations: Anger Management, Anxiety and Worry, Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence,

Stress Management, Individual Growth

Therapies used: Cognitive Behavior Therapy, NLP

All of her life, Brenda Herzog has helped others. She believes that she was destined to work in the counselling field. She has been the person that friends and family turn to when they need help, advice or just someone to vent with. The time came in her life when she decided to get her education. She started with Diplomas in Child Psychology, Adult Psychology and Counselling, to gain more knowledge she went back to school and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Social Work. She began a career in counselling and felt a need to gain more knowledge, so she went onto obtaining an Associated Degree in Life Coaching and a Bachelor of Science in Substance Abuse and Addiction Counselling. All of her experience and education further benefited her ability to successfully work as a Placement Counselor. The formal education and hands on experience allows Ms. Herzog the opportunity to speak from her heart but with the expertise to guide the individuals or families with addiction in their lives. She is always looking for new modalities that will help her clients and many times, help her personally to heal and grow spiritually as well. This has led to her latest education, attaining certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming with a goal of becoming a Master NLP Practitioner. She knows that she has a passion to help people and a personal yearning to learn as much as possible about helping individual in times of their journey of recovery from addictions, grief and trauma. She believes in paying it forward and self care. Her own journey of learning and working with individuals benefits her clients and herself. There is nothing more rewarding than doing something you love. When you give it away freely, it comes back in many ways. She also believes in helping my community through volunteering. She is on the board for the Volunteer Programs Association, overseeing Restorative Justice, Victim Services and the Volunteer Centre. She has always had a love for writing; along with writing Mental Health columns for the local paper, she successfully reached her goal of having her poetry and thoughts published in her book, ‘Soulful Inspirations.’ She calls it her labor of love, and for everyone that reads it, her hope is that her thoughts inspire them to improve their lives. Turning Point Detox and their ever evolving programs has given her the passion to focus on counselling in the addiction field. She doesn’t believe she can put into words how rewarding it is when someone suffering addiction does the Turning Point Detox program and leaves excited to begin their life over feeling physically well, mentally stable, and emotionally grounded. They have the hop in their step and the twinkle in their eyes. This is truly dealing with the Body, Mind and Spirit. Ms. Herzog’s belief is that they all have to be equally supported for anyone to have a chance at feeling truly healed. Her experience with Turning Point Detox is that their Holistic Approach to recovery makes the most common sense and supports everything she has learned and felt in her career, both emotionally and academically.

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Brenda Herzog

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