Carlee Clark

Carlee ClarkTitle: Assistant Professor

Company: Medical University of South Carolina

Location: Charleston, SC

Dr. Carlee Clark is an assistant professor at the Medical University of South Carolina. In her current capacity, she is responsible for administering anesthesia to patients who are preparing to undergo medical surgery and taking them to the operating room, treating patients in the intensive care unit, and teaching residents and medical students. She became involved in her profession because healthcare is a dynamic, constantly changing field. Her field of anesthesia and critical care medicine is a great example of that, and provides the challenge of lifelong learning and training. It also provides a unique interaction with patients and other medical specialties that is very satisfying. The highlight of her career was becoming involved in the Madaktari project in Tanzania and developing their own anesthesia resident rotation in Mwanza, Tanzania. Through this project, not only will they be attempting to improve anesthesia education and delivery in Tanzania, but their residents will be able to develop leadership and teaching skills through a very unique opportunity.

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Carlee Clark

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