Cynthia D. Holloway

Cynthia D. HollowayTitle: Professional Mental Health Counselor

Company: Asosra II Enterprises

Location: Elk Run Heights, IA, United States

Cynthia D. Holloway is a Professional Mental Health Counselor and the owner of Asosra II Enterprises, a health services organization offering individual and family services, including therapy and assistance for people looking to achieve mental wellness. Ms. Holloway specializes in Christian-based counseling approaches, and she helps clients with particular emotional, spiritual and mental needs. She also conducts interviews and meetings, and creates uniquely tailored treatment plans for each individual client. She became involved in her profession after she served in the United States military in an administration position, which included assisting individuals in making educational, career, and personal decisions. Ms. Holloway is a member of the American Counseling Association, the Spiritual Counseling Association, and the American Spiritual Ethical Association. She has garnered a reputation of distinction among her professional peers for her total submission to God and His plans for her, her dedication to her client, and her “can-do” attitude.

Cynthia D. Holloway was originally selected for inclusion in EliteAMERICAN Health Professionals in July 2012. We are proud to be featuring Ms. Holloway again in EliteAMERICAN Health Professionals for 2013/2014.

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Cynthia D. Holloway

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