Elizabeth Barhydt

Elizabeth BarhydtTitle: President

Company: Loving Life Corporation

Location: Henderson, NV, United States

Dr. Elizabeth Barhydt is the President of Loving Life Corporation, a privately owned international company specializing in health, wellness and fitness. Dr. Barhydt teaches people how to relieve stress and pain without drugs; these pressures include physical and mental ailments. She concentrates her efforts on treating mental and physical stress, pain relief, and sharing simple self-help techniques for migraine headaches, back and neck pain, foot pain, CTS, and mental and emotional stress. She has amassed more than 32 years of professional experience after becoming involved in her field after suffering from headaches and backaches, which prompted her to investigate options for natural pain relief. Dr. Barhydt is a well respected psychologist who has taught and held workshops in 13 countries, including the U.S. and Canada. She is the author of three books: ”How to Relieve Stress, Pain and Learning Blocks Naturally,” “Accurate Muscle Testing for Foods and Supplements PLUS Balancing Meridians” and “Children’s Self-Help – Improving Performance and Building Self-Esteem.”

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Elizabeth Barhydt

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