Helen L. Winter

Helen L. WinterTitle: Volunteer Private Counselor

Company: Guidance and Counseling Services

Location: Annandale, VA, United States

Helen L. Winter is a volunteer private counselor serving individuals throughout Annandale, Virginia and its surrounding areas. She specializes in guidance and counseling, and in her capacity, she advises and offers support to adults and children. She caters to the elderly living at home, and improves health care for the elderly. With 32 years of professional experience under her belt, Ms. Winter demonstrates her innate and growing interest in helping others by volunteering for the local women’s club. She also supports such worthy causes as the Annandale Area Chamber of Commerce, the Annandale Planning Committee, the Civic Association, and the Clean Fairfax Council, an organization for which she serves as board member. She is proud to volunteer for Home Instead, Inc., a nonprofit organization focused on implementing better health care for senior citizens. She also works with the local school district to help design beneficial programs for the students. Ms. Winter is semiretired.

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Helen L. Winter

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