Joseph Swisher

Joseph SwisherTitle: Owner

Company: Crystal and Reiki Healing

Location: Jersey Shore, PA

Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania | November 18, 2010 | Joseph Swisher, RMT, owner of Crystal and Reiki Healing, has been recognized by Elite American Health Professionals for his dedication, achievements, and leadership in crystal and Reiki healing therapy.

As the owner of a therapy center, Mr. Swisher is responsible for recruiting licensed therapists, interviewing potential therapists, and treating clients. With his vast experience in Reiki, Mr. Swisher’s most important role is ensuring all therapists who work for him strive to provide each client with expert healing and compassion. As a therapist his greatest reward is watching as a client begins to heal and feel better after each session. He attributes his success in his industry to his education, compassion, and the positive feelings he gets after every successful session.

Mr. Swisher works to heal everything from headaches and fibromyalgia to Parkinson’s. With nearly a decade of experience in Reiki healing therapy, Mr. Swisher first became interested in his profession after being treated by a Reiki healer for his sickness. He strives to continue learning new procedures and stay abreast on new techniques in order to ensure optimal comfort for his clients. He enjoys that the techniques associated with Reiki therapy establish the healing all on its own, with little force and effort from the therapist.

Mr. Swisher is a certified Reiki master, certified Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki master, certified in crystal healing, and certified to teach crystal healing. He retains affiliations with the International Association of Reiki Professionals, LLC and volunteers with the Local AIDS Project. He advises others in his industry to never stop learning and always listen to each client’s needs.

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Joseph Swisher

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