Karen Sue Norwich, MS, MT (ASCP)

Karen Sue Norwich, MS, MT (ASCP)Title: Laboratory Technical Section Leader

Company: Howard Regional Health System

Location: Kokomo, IN, United States

Karen Sue Norwich, MS, MT (ASCP) is a Laboratory Technical Section Leader for the Howard Regional Health System. With heightened problem-solving proficiencies, Mrs. Norwich lends her expertise to the health care system, which comprises talents that have been honed over the course of a successful 30-year spanning career. She is primarily responsible for ensuring quality, reviewing all patient and exception reports, and overseeing critical values and performance improvements. She also handles coordination initiatives, consults for medical-surgical associates and the Community Internist Association on quality assurance, and handling projects related to problem-solving. Mrs. Norwich has worked as a consultant in three laboratories that each received a score of 100. She is extremely proud of her daughter, Michaela, who was accepted into the junior high school national honor society.

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Karen Sue Norwich, MS, MT (ASCP)

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