Linda Brewer

Linda BrewerTitle: Certified Medical Transcriptionist

Company: Medical Record Department, Mercy Gilbert Hospital

Location: San Tan Valley, AZ

Linda Brewer is a certified medical transcriptionist who works in the medical record department of Mercy Gilbert Hospital, an acute care center, in San Tan Valley, Ariz. Expertly known for transcribing all types of medical documents with 99 percent accuracy, she is responsible for writing out recorded dictations by physicians for all types of reports including operations, tests, cardiac caths, endoscopy and diagnostic imaging. She holds full responsibility for the resulting medical reports, correspondences and other administrative material, including discharge summaries, medical histories, physical examinations, consultations, operative reports, diagnostic-imaging studies, progress notes and referral letters. With 25 years of comprehensive experience in health care, she is an expert in her field. Although she intends to retire, her strong interest in medicine promises to enable her to continue learning in the future.

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Linda Brewer

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