Mary Friscia

Mary FrisciaTitle: Site Review Consultant

Company: MedAssurant, Inc.

Location: Highlands Ranch, CO

Mary V. Friscia is a Site Review Consultant for MedAssurant Inc, a leading healthcare data analytic solutions organization operating a nationwide infrastructure in leading technological health care solutions that is provider focused on objective improvement in clinical and quality outcomes care management and financial performance of health plans and health care organizations.  Ms. Friscia reviews medical cases, oversee processes to ensure that quality patient care is being provided.   As a Site Review Consultant, Ms. Friscia’s contribution is Improving the clinical and quality outcomes of patient care management and the financial performance of health plans and healthcare organizations to ensure that effective and efficient patient centered care meets regulatory compliance standards in support of Quality Management Programs, achieving continuous quality improvement, focused on patient safety, evidence based patient centered care, and measuring clinical services and processes to identify outcomes for best practices in delivering patient care.   Her passion for learning, customer service skills, and creativity have enabled her to be a productive and contributing member of the team, helping to maintain strategic goals, successfully building and maintaining productive relationships with internal and external customers and other entities. Ms. Friscia preserves her own standard of distinction as she feels that sheer enthusiasm and an innate drive to overcome challenges has led her toward a path to success in her vocational journey.  She was inspired to continue to pursue a career in health care quality assurance after gaining experience as a Medical Clinic Administrator and a Medical Facility Surveyor.  She continues to strive for excellence in her personal and professional endeavors.

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Mary Friscia

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