Mercedes Carrillo-Vivar

Mercedes Carrillo-VivarTitle: Life Coach

Company: Anchored Within

Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

Mercedes Carrillo-Vivar is a life coach for Anchored Within, a coaching center specializing in business training and mentoring services. In her role, Ms. Carrillo-Vivar is in charge of meeting with clients on a small to mid-sized business level, and providing for them professional training and coaching solutions. She possesses a keen ability to understand individuals’ needs by focusing on the removal of any heavy burdens in their lives and replacing them with positive reinforcement and goal direction. A former victim of depression, Ms. Carrillo-Vivar became inspired to follow her current career path by her experiences, which were a direct result of personal issues, as she needed change from her previous career in the travel industry. She sought relief through life coaching, and it became a passion for her, and eventually a new career. Upon reflecting on a winning career, Ms. Carrillo-Vivar attributes her success to her time management and prioritizing skills, and making weaknesses her strengths.

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Mercedes Carrillo-Vivar

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