Monica Traystman

Monica TraystmanTitle: President

Company: Healthy Spirit, Inc.

Location: Carlsbad, CA, United States

Dr. Monica D. Traystman is the president of Healthy Spirit, Inc., a premier wellness company offering unique health and wellness coaching services unified with wellness sessions that include yoga, meditation and Reiki. Dr. Traystman currently helps people move forward by using a scientifically proven, stepwise process of change integrated into a cooperative coaching model using a transformational spiritual process. Her clients remain empowered as they make easy and long-lasting changes which help them achieve their goals and a state of lasting happiness. Dr. Traystman works with individuals, couples and in small groups supporting each client to actively participate in their own healing process and to become empowered through their experiences. She coaches clients in live sessions, by phone or via Skype, and does presentations at The Soul Center Foundation for Spiritual Awakening (Encinitas, CA), Tri City Wellness Center (Carlsbad, CA) and in the community. Well-respected as a professional speaker and trainer, author, business, life, health and wellness coach, Dr. Traystman functions as president of Healthy Spirit, Inc., and Health to Go; she also serves as a spiritual counselor at The Soul Center. Recently, she produced her first meditation CD for business professionals. She has many years of experience in academic medicine, doing clinical and basic research and teaching in the areas of cancer screening and prevention, and cancer and human molecular genetics. Dr. Traystman is committed to helping people transform their lives to a higher level of consciousness using leading edge techniques and processes. Their lives become heartfelt, value based, purpose driven and spiritually abundant.

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Monica Traystman

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