Neenah Grigsby

Neenah GrigsbyTitle: Speech Pathologist (Retired)

Company: Shadow Hills Intermediate School

Location: Verona, PA

Before retirement, Ms. Grigsby spent her last 12 years as a speech pathologist for Shadow Hills Intermediate School. She entered the position at the suggestion of a friend who was aware of Ms. Grigsby’s background in elementary education. The position required her to assess and write therapy plans for individualized education programs. Additionally, she conducted therapy for communication disorders, and interacted with teachers and parents to facilitate academic excellence. Concentrating on speech pathology, Ms. Grigsby graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Master of Science. She also holds a professional clear clinical or rehabilitative services credential and authorization in the fields of language, speech and hearing from the State of California.

Ms. Grigsby believes that her success is a result of her ability to communicate with her students and their parents, as well as being attuned to their needs.

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Neenah Grigsby

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