Robert Carnell

Robert CarnellTitle: Paramedic, Director of Special Operations

Company: Mobile Medic EMS

Location: Hurleyville, NY

Mr. Carnell had wanted to work in emergency services from the age of 3, indelibly inspired by the TV drama Code Red . He has devoted the last 15 years to serving his community, and today functions as field and special operations director for Mobile Medic EMS. Specializing in EMT instruction and emergency medical services, he responds to 911 calls, develops care plans, and delivers advanced medical care to the ill, critically injured and homebound in Sullivan County, N.Y., located 90 miles north in the northwest part of the New York City Metro Area. Additionally, he teaches courses in international trauma life support, advanced medical life support, and basic cardiac life support. Mr. Carnell is a licensed paramedic and holds certifications in pediatric advanced life support, cardiac life support, advanced medical life support and critical incidents stress management, to name but a few of his qualifications. Set to add to his plethora of certifications, he is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in emergency services management at Utah Valley University. Mr. Carnell has been honored with a Firefighter of the Year award from Forestburgh Fire Department No.1 and a Special Congressional Recognition for Community Service.

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Robert Carnell

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