Yasmin Sanchez

Yasmin SanchezTitle: Staff Pharmacist

Company: CVS

Location: Brownsville, TX, United States

Yasmin N. Sanchez, Pharm.D, MBA is a Staff Pharmacist at CVS. With a strong expertise in communication and operations management, Ms. Sanchez is responsible for supervising pharmacists, and reviewing revenue, productivity, incident reports, and quarterly operation reports. She also manages issues and changes in the pharmaceutical department, and conducts a monthly meeting with staff members, plans strategies, and ensures overall quality performance. Ms. Sanchez has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience over the course of a career that has spanned more than 23 years, and in addition to a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, and in Biology and Chemistry, and a Master’s Degree in Health Care and Operations Management, she is recognized as a Certified Pharmacist in the States of Florida and Texas.

Inspired by a recognition for the need for skilled professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, Ms. Sanchez embarked on a career path that would enable her to demonstrate her knowledge of the field. Ms. Sanchez served as a community pharmacy manager for 10 years, and in looking ahead, she hopes to experience continued professional growth in the industry. She supports a number of worthy causes, including the local children’s hospital and local charitable organizations.

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Yasmin Sanchez

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