Diane Cowling

Diane CowlingTitle: Nuclear Cardiology Supervisor

Company: Virginia Commonwealth University Health System

Location: Richmond, VA, United States

Diane Cowling is a nuclear cardiology supervisor at Virginia Commonwealth University Health System, a medical center that provides various health care services. Ms. Cowling joined the health center’s team 12 years ago and has established a reputation as a knowledgeable and reliable professional whose passion for her work is evident in every task she takes on. As the nuclear cardiology supervisor, Ms. Cowling is tasked with overseeing the nuclear medicine department and stress laboratory work, and injecting radio isotopes for stress tests and imaging services. For her work, she received the Technologist of the Year Award in 2008. Ms. Cowling earned a bachelor’s degree in radiation science, with a concentration in nuclear medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University, holds a nuclear medicine technology certification, and is an accredited nuclear cardiology technologist, and NCT. To keep current with the latest advancements in the industry, Ms. Cowling is an active member of the Society of Nuclear Medicine. She attributes all the success she has experienced throughout her 24-year career to her hard work and passion. In the near future, Ms. Cowling aspires to develop and publish a career ladder program.

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Diane Cowling

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