Mary Carrizalez

Mary CarrizalezTitle: Women’s Services Manager for the NICU at Texas Health Arlington Memorial

Company: Texas Health Resources Inc.

Location: Arlington, TX, United States

Mary Carrizalez is a highly regarded manager who has garnered 47 years of professional experience in the health care industry. An expert communicator with strong people skills, Ms. Carrizalez serves as the women’s service manager for the NICU at Texas Health Arlington Memorial for Texas Health Resources Inc. In her position, Ms. Carrizalez oversees all the women’s services, handles staffing and budgeting, cares for patients, follows core measures, and ensures patient and physician satisfaction. Ms. Carrizalez has worked in her position at Texas Health Resources Inc. for the past decade and has garnered a reputation for her ability to connect with patients and motivate staff to provide the highest quality care. She believes her longevity in the industry is a direct result of her passion for the field and hard work. To ensure that she provides her patients with the best health care services and to keep abreast of changes in the field, Ms. Carrizalez is affiliated with the National Association of Neonatal Nurses and Clinical Care Associates.

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Mary Carrizalez

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