Heide Nispel

Heide NispelTitle: Owner

Company: New Planet Earth

Heide Nispel is the owner of New Planet Earth, a counseling and holistic healing company that provides a wide range of services to clients. Ms. Nispel started her company 10 years ago but has been involved in the field for the past 24. She was inspired to enter the industry after undergoing back surgery. Ms. Nispel looked into non-traditional ways of healing and was amazed by the results. She went on to become a certified massage therapist through The Institute for Health Education and earned a certification in craniosacral therapy I and II. In her role, Ms. Nispel is responsible for assisting clients, coordinating with spa facilities, conducting counseling and massage therapy classes, and administering environmental clearance from electromagnetic frequency toxicity. Aside from her work at her practice, Ms. Nispel dedicates her time to working on her art. She is currently working on Sacred Art Design. These stained glass-style designs incorporate sacred geometry in the form of suncatchers using the geometric design and full color spectrum to bring different types of ray energies into someone’s home or room. The different designs have different meanings but all bring beauty and more positive and balanced energy into the space of a room or home.

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Heide Nispel

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