James Matthew Guy

James Matthew GuyTitle: Chief Flight Nurse and Paramedic, Critical Care Nurse, Critical Care Paramedic

Company: Grace On Wings

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis, IN, April 7, 2014, James Matthew Guy, Chief Flight Nurse and Paramedic, Critical Care Nurse, and Critical Care Paramedic for Grace on Wings, has been recognized by Elite American Health Professionals for dedication, achievements and leadership in air ambulatory services.

Mr. Guy joined Grace on Wings, a charity air ambulance company that provides air medical transportation service, critical care patient service, and interfacility critical care patient transport services, five years ago. In his role, he is responsible for checking equipment, reviewing routines, reading about daily activities and assignments, working with a team, patient charting, and writing and reviewing standing orders and operating procedures, which the medical director collaborates with and signs into action. Mr. Guy leads registered nurses, paramedics and respiratory therapists. Mr. Guy is well respected throughout the organization, and was honored by Grace on Wings for his exceptional service with the Medical Volunteer of the Year award in 2011.

Mr. Guy is following after his dreams and higher purpose in life. In his free time, he invests in people by showing them how to live out their dreams and higher purpose in life. Mr. Guy is well connected to many individuals and enjoys networking people together. He helps bring people together to accomplish great things.

Formerly, Mr. Guy was a staff nurse and charge nurse of the intensive care unit, progressive care unit and emergency department of the Kosciusko Community Hospital and he worked in the Cardiovascular ICU at Lutheran Hospital. His experience exposed him to all facets of the health care industry and he became well versed in providing emergency and critical care, transporting critical care patients, including pediatric and neonatal patients, and leading teams. To better serve his patients, Mr. Guy holds various certifications. He looks to continue providing health care services to people in need for years to come and to help people achieve their goals and higher purposes. Mr. Guy plans to attend medical school and live out his dream of becoming a doctor.

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James Matthew Guy

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