Patricia Knight

Patricia KnightTitle: Director

Company: Healogics

Location: Springfield, IL

Passionate about helping others, Patricia J. Knight pursued a career in the health care field. She has garnered nearly 30 years of professional experience and is recognized for her expertise in wound care and cardiac care. Ms. Knight joined Healogics, a wound care management company, in 2008 and has become an integral part of its success. In her role, she is responsible for managing staff, coordinating physicians, reviewing charges, billing, marketing, and incorporating all facets of the company. Ms. Knight established a strong career in cardiac care, but decided to switch her focus to wound care as this offered her the challenges and opportunity to continue learning and expanding both her professional and personal knowledge within the field of health care. She is currently involved in continuing education, being a part of new treatment options for patients, and working on ways to implement new programs in health care. Winner of the Robert Warner Award, Ms. Knight attributes her success to her hard work, dedication and continuing education.

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Patricia Knight

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