Richard Czarnuszewicz

Richard CzarnuszewiczTitle: Director

Company: Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton

Location: Yardley, PA

Richard Czarnuszewicz is the director of the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton. In his current capacity, He is responsible for managing his department, overseeing strategic planning and future development, coordinating with radiologists and mentoring. By working with a variety of people in multidisciplinary factions, he has been able to refine an expertise that includes radiology, quality management, mammography, cardiovascular interventional procedures and organizational development. Mr. Czarnuszewicz’ abilities to network and render results have created a satisfying experience throughout his 35 years as a health care professional. An affiliate of the Radiological Society of New Jersey, Mr. Czarnuszewicz advises his successors to keep current with the field by gathering knowledge, learning the day-to-day functions of an accomplished health care provider and exuding passion.

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Richard Czarnuszewicz

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