Sharon Stanton

Sharon StantonTitle: Coordinator

Company: Center for Faith Health Ministries
Dignity Health

Location: Gold Canyon, AZ

While dealing with her own health issues, Sharon Ann Stanton realized that there was a need for better nursing facilities. She got involved in the industry and has dedicated more than 50 years to serving in health care positions. For the past seven years, Ms. Stanton has served as the coordinator at the Center for Faith Health Ministries at Dignity Health, a hospital in Arizona that provides a wide range of health care services. An expert in leadership development, she is responsible for overseeing program development, educating the hospital health team and faith community nurses, and leading the Arizona health ministry in transitions. Ms. Stanton’s multifaceted health care experience, ranging from acute care nursing to community and public health administration, home care administration, and national administrative leadership in faith-based health ministries and community nursing, has made her a sought after leader in the field. She was a nominee for Nurse of the Year in Arizona in 2010 and was honored with the Wilkerson Droege Award for Creative Leadership, Practicing Compassionate Ministry and Having Visionary Faithfulness to the Faith and Health Movement. Throughout her career, Ms. Stanton opened the first migrant outpatient clinic for farm workers in Texas in conjunction with the Texas Department of Health, and launched the Center for Health Ministry at St. Joseph Health System in Atlanta. Ms. Stanton feels that she is successful because she has never put herself before God, and is always looking to mentor and build up her community. Looking toward the future, she intends to establish the first statewide database for the purpose of research and analysis to see how the specialty practice of faith community nursing affects patient outcomes.

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Sharon Stanton

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