David Silvia, LMT

David Silvia 1308600Title: Owner, Massage Therapist

Company: Active Health Massage Therapy and Fitness

Location: East Freetown, MA

David C. Silvia is a licensed massage therapist who gained an interest in the field due to his background as an athlete; he was a nationally ranked Olympic Recurve Archer. He used massage therapy as part of his training regimen and knew its benefits, and decided he wanted to help other people learn and understand its benefits.  He established Active Health Massage Therapy and Fitness nine years ago. Specializing in sport, deep tissue and therapeutic massage, Mr. Silvia is responsible for meeting with clients in his office and providing massage services at charitable events. Mr. Silvia has volunteered at the Marine Corps Marathon, Boston Marathon, Run for the Warriors and various other running events. He also became a United States Olympic Committee approved massage therapist, and attended the London Olympics in 2012 where he worked with Team USA women’s basketball team. Aside from being a certified massage therapist, he is also a certified Reiki practitioner and has been practicing it since 1996.  Mr. Silvia’s ultimate goal for his practice is to provide top-notch services that allow active people maintain their lifestyle.  He attributes his success to his enjoyment of his work and willingness to learn.

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