Charlene Frizzera

Charlene Frizzera 1702433Title: President

Company: CF Health Advisors

Location: Maryland

Maryland, June 4, 2014, Charlene Frizzera, President of CF Health Advisors, has been recognized by Elite American Health Professionals for dedication, achievements and leadership in health care policies and programs.

Ms. Frizzera formed CF Health Advisors in November of 2010 with Jeremy Brown, a former health care investment and economic analyst, to help clients better navigate the rapidly changing health policy and regulatory landscape and provide insight and analysis about the impact of these changes on various stakeholders. Ms. Frizzera draws on her 32 years of experience and strong knowledge of health insurance exchanges and ACOs to provide clients with the highest quality services. In her role, she is responsible for advising senior leadership teams and key industry stakeholders on business and policy strategy focused on Medicaid, Medicare, and Affordable Care Act programs

Ms. Frizzera started her career in accounting and auditing cost reports. This led her into Medicaid reimbursement and Medicare policies, and enabled her to excel in the health care industry. Throughout her career, Ms. Frizzera gained extensive, in-depth policy and operational knowledge as she previously worked as both the chief operating officer of CMS and as a regional administrator. She has managed more than $825 billion in annual benefit and administrative costs, ensured more than $1 billion fee for services claims were processed annually, and has helped her clients receive the education and information they need to understand health care policies and programs. Her experience and knowledge make her a leader in the field who is often sought after for guidance and advise.

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Charlene Frizzera

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