Catherine Mich

Catherine Mich 1409239Title: Mentor, Coach, Educator, Author

Company: Heart and Soul Works

Location: Sequim, WA

After working as a school psychologist and counselor for many years, Catherine Mich was introduced to the work of Thomas Leonard, the founder of the modern coaching movement. She recognized this work as her long sought-after calling and has been involved in coaching ever since. She started Heart and Soul Works 14 years ago with the goal of providing coaching services to couples, individuals, and groups in the area of major changes and transitions. Ms. Mich works with clients who are facing major life changes and guides them through the process of creating safe and stable stepping stones. She also works with aspiring entrepreneurs and assists them in their process. Aside from running the company, Ms. Mich also shares her knowledge through publishing her work. She is the author of three books, including “Be the Artist of Your Own Life’s Work.” This book is oriented to helping people find their passion and create a life on that foundation. In 2010, Ms. Mich published a guidebook for aspiring entrepreneurs titled, “From Employee to Entrepreneur, A Journey Worth Taking.” Her most recent book is entitled “Papa and Me! The Perils of Patriarchy,” which is published by Balboa Press (Division of Hay House) is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble (hardcover, soft, and Kindle).

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Catherine J. Mich

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