Kathleen carterMartinez

Kathleen CarterMartinez 1575525Title: Independent Educational Consultant, Trainer

Company: LifeEssentials

Location: Plattsburg, N.Y.

Dr. carterMartinez is an independent consultant, speaker and trainer who specializes in addressing female relational aggression in the workplace. She considers herself a “multidisciplinary ball of wax.” She became involved in her profession 27 years ago after leaving the radiology field in order to pursue a career in clinical psychology. Dr. carterMartinez received her master’s degree in clinical psychology, and chose to focus her career on education and teaching and training. Since 2000, Dr. carterMartinez has served as a consultant at LifeEssentials, which provides a wide range of educational consulting services. She is recognized for her knowledge and expertise in community programs and anti-bullying campaigns and handles a myriad of responsibilities as a consultant and trainer. Dr. carterMartinez is responsible for creating theatre art programs for schools, students and parents, developing programs and services, preparing materials based on project needs, and helping improve communication within the workplace. Looking toward the future, Dr. carterMartinez hopes to run more workshops and lectures, and to perform more speaking engagements. She is also a writer and hopes to have her works published.

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Kathleen carterMartinez

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