Nancy Sondag

logo.jpgTitle: Director of Therapeutic Recreation

Company:  Menorah Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Care

Location: New York, NY

Nancy Sondag became involved in her profession after a career in the performing arts evolved into a vocation in creative arts therapy in the 1980s when she was caring for two roommates who died with AIDS. She rallied the New York performing arts community heavily affected by the AIDS crisis. She co-founded and ran for six years Hearts & Voices, an organization of a 1,000 volunteers who brought music, cheer and comfort to hospitalized people with AIDS. She then became credentialed and licensed and continued her vocation in drama and creative arts therapy. For the past nine years, Ms. Sondag has been serving as the director of therapeutic recreation at Menorah Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Care, a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center that consists of a 320-bed facility with a projection of 100 more beds. A well-respected mentor and trainer, she is responsible for maintaining the TR department to meet all regulatory guidelines, supervising a staff of creative arts and recreational therapists, recruiting, training, and supervising volunteers and interns, and providing supervision of pastoral care. Aside from her work at the rehabilitation center, Ms. Sondag also runs her own private practice where she conducts sociodrama and drama therapy training and dementia care workshops and provides off-site supervision and guidance to creative arts therapists and students. Ms. Sondag has won numerous awards for her exceptional work and attributes her success to parents, who were great role models, and to the great joy and satisfaction she receives in her work. In the coming years, she will expand the role of creative arts therapy particularly for the treatment of persons with Alzheimer’s disease, by training and mentoring therapists and educating the public. She will be raising funds for research and scholarships.

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Nancy Sondag

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