Debra Harrison

Title: Licensed Acupuncturist

Company: Debra Harrison

Location: Honolulu, HI

Debra Harrison L.Ac. is a licensed acupuncturist for her own practice that provides acupuncture and spiritual counseling services for people and pets. Ms. Harrison entered the profession more than two decades ago because she wanted to establish a career where she could assist others. In her role, she treats patients and competes all business operations on her own, utilizes her intuitive healing abilities as well as listening intently to the patient and their body, and uses her gift of animal communication to personally help people and their pets to come to a better understanding of one another. She also works with animals and offers a wide variety of herbs and herbal medicines. An expert in pain management, Ms. Harrison takes great pride in her work and attributes her success to dedication to her craft. She looks to expand her practice in order to help as many patients as possible.

Contact Debra Harrison

Debra Harrison L.Ac.

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