Zinna L. Etmon

Zinna L. EtmonTitle: Supervisor (Retired)

Company: Nursing Registry

Location: Central Islip, NY

Zinna L. Etmon is the former supervisor of the Nursing Registry, a home health care placement agency for nurses and nurses’ aides. Specializing in midwifery, nursing—including operating room, emergency, medical surgery, critical care units and intensive care unit nursing—and psychiatric nursing, Ms. Etmon has spent years working for New York state, assisting disabled patients in residential homes, and supervising aides for the disabled. Prior to her retirement from her position with the Nursing Registry, Ms. Etmon was in charge of providing medical services free of charge for many clients. Ms. Etmon has garnered a reputation of distinction and prominence for her empathy, enthusiasm and passion for what she does, in addition to her always wanting to help people; she is also acclaimed amongst those who know her as someone who always encourage people in the positive, and never focuses on the negative. She says, “Remember: while there is life, there is hope.”

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Zinna Etmon

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