Donna Tona, CTS

Donna TonaTitle: Chief Executive Officer

Company: OMG Handi Werkz

Location: Leduc, AB

Donna Tona heads a management consulting firm which offers top quality consulting solutions. Specializing in emergency trauma management, municipal consulting, and auditing, Ms. Tona helps corporations put their teams together during critical incidents. She also trains and consults with businesses. She has more than 10 years of municipal management experience with the Calgary Police Service. She has also spent 21 years in consulting for municipalities and the government. Ms. Tona says: “There are no direct successes in business. The success comes from the bumps and canyons, not the wonderful achievements. To be grounded in business is to be humble, and learn from those mistakes whether they are caused by you, for you by others, or to you!” With regards to her views on crisis and emergency management, Ms. Tona says: “We are never far from crisis and as humans we are wonderfully and fearfully made. We can engage those gifts we are given intrinsically no matter our station or experience in life and work through the good, the bad and the ugly. To do that, we have to trust our own instincts and our courage. I think that for the most part we are taught at this moment that everything is bad and we have no capacity to get through anything without a prescription and a semi-truck of therapists at our beckon call for daily life events. Because of that we can’t adjust or seek help when the really big events hit us.” When describing herself, Ms. Tona assertively identifies herself as a Leo, a community volunteer, an instructor, a lecturer, a keynote speaker, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend. “[I am] on a journey that involves learning and falling on one’s assets from time to time!” She laughed and said during a recent interview. With regards to her book, Ms. Tona said, “It’s in the “Werkz!”

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Donna Tona


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