Karen Fraiberg, SAP, CAATS, CBIS

Karen Fraiberg 1820981Title: Owner, Chief Executive Officer, Psychotherapist

Company: The Art of Hope, Healing and Happiness

Location: Southfield, MI

Southfield, MI, August 5, 2015, Karen Fraiberg, SAP, CAATS, CBIS, Owner, Chief Executive Officer, Psychotherapist of The Art of Hope, Healing and Happiness, has been recognized by Elite American Health Professionals for dedication, achievement and leadership in mental health.

Ms. Fraiberg is a highly regarded psychotherapist who operates a licensed outpatient mental health treatment facility that specializes in treating individuals facing legal issues, currently on probation or parole or court ordered for education, IOP, substance abuse evaluations, and drivers’ restoration, and also offers other mental health services. Through her work, Ms. Fraiberg provides compassionate and comprehensive psychotherapeutic treatment, which helps improve the functioning of the individual client and that of their respective family. She takes great pride in her work and is grateful to be able to help individuals get their lives back on track. Ms. Fraiberg believes there is no one type of therapy that cures all. She believes you need an eclectic approach, which is why she incorporates all approaches and tailors her treatment according to each patient’s needs.

Ms. Fraiberg has worked with clients suffering from a variety of mental health issues, as well as substance and alcohol abuses issues, anger management, ADHD, PTSD, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, and chronic pain. Her mission is to create a comforting and safe environment that allows her clients to open up and trust her. Ms. Fraiberg has achieved tremendous success over the course of her career, but she says, “The achievement I am most proud of is that I feel I found my purpose in life. I left a big corporate job with 2,000 employees. I can say since I opened my company, I have not felt like I have worked a day in my life. Going back to school later in life so I can do what I do now is my biggest achievement. I love my job, clients, and the professionals I work with.”

Ms. Fraiberg became a member of the United Physicals in 2014; she is the only non MD or DO to achieve this membership. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. , and is a Certified Alcohol Abuse Treatment Specialist (CAATS), Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), and Certified Brain Injury Specialist. Moving forward, she would like to open an enormously beautiful inpatient treatment facility. It would have executive and residential wings, and an area for patients who are allowed to complete their sentence in treatment if it were due to a substance-related charge. The facility would have a indoor pool, basketball court, workout room, acupuncture unit, walking areas, seating and much more.

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Karen Fraiberg

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