Flora Sowell

Title: Owner

Company: Flo’s Home Health Care

Location: Charlotte, NC

 Charlotte, NC, July 11, 2017, Flora Sowell, Owner of Flo’s Home Health Care, has been recognized by Elite American Health Professionals, for dedication, achievement and leadership in home health care services.

From an early age, Ms. Sowell knew she would be going into a profession that would help others. As a child, she was able to recognize her abilities and the gratification she would have upon helping others. Additionally, Ms. Sowell was aware of her respect and interest in elderly people. She felt a calling to help them. Ms. Sowell knew that by going into geriatric care she could make someone’s day better simply by just being there.

Ms. Sowell earned an LPN from Central Piedmont Community College. She looks up to people like Dr. Kildare and Ben Casey who have been influential on her career. Ms. Sowell is the owner of Flo’s Home Health Care and is welcomed into her patient’s home where she is able to make them more comfortable. Providing these health care services to geriatric patients is immensely gratifying to Ms. Sowell, and she feels her work truly makes a difference.

One moment in Ms. Sowell’s career that has had a profound effect on her has been receiving an inheritance from a patient that she had taken care of. This was a demonstration of her impact in people’s lives. In addition, The Charlotte Observer published an article recognizing her as an incredible nurse. She is affiliated with the NALPN and the Alzheimer’s Association. When not tending to her patients, Ms. Sowell spends her time reading and with her two cats, Stymie and Buckwheat.

Contact Flora Sowell

Sowell, Flora 2185202

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