Laurie Bachran

d0be641688c44bdc8cdbe56cfa4a5aabTitle: Nutrition and Beauty Consultant

Company: Better Health Unlimited

Location: Kane’ohe, HI

Laurie Bachran, an established wellness and nutrition professional, emphasizes the importance of spiritual and emotional health. She is gifted with a joyful spirit and is eager to assist people in the aging process.  Ms. Bachran, who has more than four decades of experience, seeks strength in spirituality and makes it a point to enjoy the company of people with whom she shares values and interests. She advises clients about proper nutrition and consults on the promotion of healthy diets and habits. Ms. Bachran also has given seminars on wellness in China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Tokyo, and and has held workshops for young women. A former Mrs. Hawaii and an online model for the AARP, as well as Ms. Original Medicare for 2015, she has used her popularity to advance her cause. To date, she has published two books: “Mrs. Hawaii’s Cookbook” and “Mrs. Hawaii’s New Cookbook.” Both are available on

For more information about Ms. Bachran, please visit

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Laurie Bachran

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